Speakers and Presenters

Fawn B.


I surrendered to NA on July 21, 1978 in the San Fernando Valley, got involved in service and was introduced to Jimmy Kinnon a few months later.  I volunteered at the World Service Office and Jimmy put me to work, typing correspondence, service structures, two World Service Directories, the master copy for the Voice newsletter, and anything that needed typing!  I assisted in preparing and mailing IPs, starter kits, and Little White Books.  I participated in the video that Jimmy had made by a UCLA student for PR purposes.

I was involved with and Secretary to the San Fernando Valley Area Service Comm. and the SoCal Regional Service Comm.  I served as Secretary to the 1980 World Service Conference.  I served on the World Service Office Board until 1982 when I relocated to Maryland where I was involved in Area service.

In 2003 and in honor of NA's 50th Anniversary, I produced a video "Friends of Jimmy K. - A Tribute," which was shown at the World Convention in 2003 in San Diego, California.

In 2010, I retired with my husband to Green Valley, Arizona.  I get a lot of satisfaction helping women in the county jail through H&I.  I am a GSR, I sponsor, and now with the time I have, I enjoy attending meetings and conventions in other areas and countries.


Mel H.


I was introduced to NA in the prison system as a way to a get out early game, but NA really had more to offer as the stay out game.  Oct 7, 1968 is the date I got out of prison and that is the date my sponsor told me to use, not the time locked up.

And since then, the day I was released, I made NA my way of life.  I turned 25 a few days before my release.  I was a typical addict that tried all drugs that were available and went balls out with them to see if I could feel better.

I met Jimmy K and many others that are dead now that gave me encouragement to serve in NA and I did just that.  I was Chairman of many things including being on the World Board of Trustees (1968 1973).  (Mel was GSO Chair 1969, H&I Chair 1970, First World Convention Chair 1971)  I still serve today being a secretary of my home group, and plan on doing more when that term is up.  My experience is, the more you do, the better chance you have of being in the middle of things and the best chance of staying.


Jackie A.


My clean date is 11/11/77 my first contact with NA and the Little White Book.  I Started the first NA Meeting in the ongoing Region in Medford, Oregon along with John A . & Jim D. (Drinkwater).  I was Co-Chair of the second Pacific Northwest Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (PNWCNA 2) with Gene Haag. in Ashland, Oregon in Oct 1979 which is the oldest regional convention in NA.  I started the first NA meeting of the ongoing fellowship in Fresno, CA (California Mid-state Region) in April, 1980.  I chaired the 5th NCACNA in Fresno, CA in 1983 and hosted the 1st World Literature Committee at that convention.  I was involved in the development of the California Mid State Region, and the first California Mid State Regional Convention as Program Chair.  I have chaired our Area Service Committee and participated in H&I, and P.I.


Patty M.

I am a grateful recovering Addict.  My clean date is July 25,1972.  I am a recovering Heroin addict.  Narcotics Anonymous was not in my area when I got clean.  I came into the rooms at 19 ½ years old, to Alcoholics Anonymous with my Daddy.  He was the only salvation of recovery for me at the time.

In 1973, I was hired at the Peachford Hospital, addictive disease unit, to work with young people that had drug and alcohol problems.  I was asked by this employee, “old timer in AA”, to help get the drug addicts their own program.  Those were his words to me.  He asked if I had ever heard of Narcotics Anonymous.  I told him no.  He said, do some research and find out.  So, I did, and found a person named Jimmy P, in Lake Whitney, Texas.  He had started NA in his area 4 years before, and sent a little White Book and the WSO phone number to us.  The WSO had only been in operation for two years.  The first meeting was August 24, 1974, at Peachford Hospital.  We had 10 people.  Some were recruits from AA, and were happy they could freely talk about their drug addictions.


Thomas M.

Thom is 56 years old.  His clean date is Jan 2, 1986.  He resides in Jefferson City, Missouri and is a retired Railroad Conductor.

Thom helped to establish the Mid-Missouri Area in 1986.  He is involved in Phoneline, PI, H&I, Conventions, CampVention, Cabin-Fever Prevention Convention and many other Area and Regional positions.

Editor’s note: Thom is an avid student of NA History and stays up late researching.  He was involved in the interview with Bob Stone while Bob was traveling around the country in his last days.  Thom’s sponsor was part of the committee responsible for the printing of My Years with Narcotics Anonymous.  There is a very good chance that Thom can answer any questions you have.



Ed M.

Ed M.got the message of NA in the Walla Walla, Wa. Prison.  He was clean "behind the walls" for 2 years, but does not claim that clean time.  His clean date is June 17, 1964.

Ed was in the Lexington, Ky .hospital for addicts in the 1950's, and was on Death Row in a prison in Texas for a shoot-out with the FBI in which an agent got killed and Ed was shot in the head.  Ed also was in Alcatraz prison.

Ed was on the first NA Board of Trustees in 1969 and was our first P.R. Director.  Jimmy K. was his sponsor.   Ed met Bill W.one time.

Ed is 81 years old, and though he has had many ailments, is in acceptable health.  Ed attends 2-3 meetings per week in the Los Angeles, Calif. locale.

Editor’s note:  Ed is the head of the Reprieve Foundation (reprieve-foundation.com) and with Joe Talboom is the core of the History Gypsies Facebook: History-Gypsies).  Ed, Bill Beck, and Beth Bottomley started the Chrysalis Foundation (recovery home) in 1968 in San Jose.


Bo S.

I sought recovery at 29 in 1974.  I worked hard on Steps and went to to the WCNA in San Francisco in 1977.  I met the WSB Chair Greg Pierce and WSO manager Jimmy K.  I Was told, “Addicts in recovery can't write."  Four ys not held due to so few representatives showing up.  Bo then went south with Greg to LA staying longer in order to ears later we had our Book.

NA grew from 600 meetings in early 1981 to 1800 in November of that year during my second term as WSC Literature Chair.  We grew from three Regional Service Committees to twenty-eight during my term as WSC Vice Chair.  I served on the World Service Board of Trustees from 1985 to 1989.

I remained active after ten years in elected positions in NA World Services.  I went home and made coffee at the Double Bubble for three years.  I continue to do all I can with God's help.

Editor’s note:  The WCNA in 1977 that Bo mentions was combined with the WSC at that time.  That 1977 WSC waplan how to come up with the badly needed NA “Big Book.”

Bo reprinted Bob Stone’s book, wrote and produced The Story of the Basic Text, and has an extensive website about NA history: bosewell.com.


Kathy K.

I was first introduced to NA in grade school, probably around 10 yrs. old.  I didn't know it though.  Life went on in what I thought was normal.  Then, March of 1968 came along and all hell broke loose.  From a family tragedy came love and understanding.  It took a few years.

On 4/1/71, my Mom (Betty Guess) got clean in NA.  The Love of my dad and Uncle Jimmy was a love story between my Mom, Betty Guess, NA and Uncle Jimmy K.  My DNA = Betty Guess Kinnon (Fearful Mother story in the Basic Text) + Jerry Kinnon (Jimmys' brother who was in AA)  Eventually, this love story became Betty Kinnon, (nee Guess) and my Uncle/Dad, Jimmy Kinnon.

Editor’s note:  The tragedy Kathy is referring to is the death of her dad Jerry Kinnon, Jimmy’s brother.  Betty, Kathy’s mother, and Jerry were married in 1948.  Betty married Jimmy in 1977 after a period of dating.  Jimmy’s first wife, Agnes, died in November of 1971.

Kathy Kinnon is not to be confused with Cathie Kinnon Lindner, daughter of Agnes and Jimmy, who wrote the book, Every Addicts Friend, Jimmy K.


Terry R.

My clean date is 6/1/1979.  I started the first meeting in New York City and I helped start the New York Area service and the Greater NY Region.  I was Chair of the bid committee for WCNA 13, the Program chair for WCNA 13, and a Utah Regional Delegate.

I helped to start groups where ever I moved.

H&I:  Member of the World H&I Committee, Chair of the Hollywood Area H&I, Chair of the Greater NY Region H&I, and Chair of the Utah Sasquatch Area H&I.

United States Service Conference (USSC): Member of  the Outreach committee, H&I committee, and Guardian committee.


   Gary V.

I was a patient at Houston International Hospital in May of 1979.  I started attending meetings at that time.  After a relapse, I started going to the only NA meeting in Houston, TX.  I have been clean since July 10, 1979.  I was active in helping start several meetings in the Houston area.  I helped develop the Houston Area Service Committee of NA in1980.

I moved to Alvin, TX and helped form the Tri-County Area Service Committee. I  was sent to the WSC in1983 and given the title of Texas State Representative because Texas did not have a region at that time.  I made a commitment that Texas would have a region by the next WSC.  The Lone Star Region was started in Oct. of 1983.  I was elected chairperson for the first 2 years.

I moved to Southern California in 1987 and I got involved in service with various groups.  I moved to Norco, CA. in 1999 and was in service to groups, the area, and the region.

I moved to Enid, OK in July of 2006.  I have held many positions on group, area, and regional levels including that of RD-Alt and RD for the OK Region.  I am currently the RCM for Plains Area.  I am 65 years old, retired, and always willing to be of service in any capacity.  Gratefully, Gary


(Indiana) Joe T.


Well I got clean as a young guy, Feb.2, 1973 (the same day as Jimmy K. by the way). There was no NA in Indiana then. I relapsed after 7.5 years. I was in and out for many years, staying clean since March 21, 2000 (by the way, the same day as Gene Haag) When I came back it was all NA and has been since. I have been around 12 Step recovery for almost 43 years although in and out for 19 years. That went by in a snap. It was a long time of relapsing. I have been all over the USA and also in Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Africa, (i.e. Tanzania, Zanzibar) Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Next year I will go to So. Korea, Philippines, Bhutan, and Iran. I only go if I am invited. I am a smart traveler, have reward miles, and not at all wealthy. NA sometimes helps with my expenses - more so only in the USA. Editor’s note: Joe is a big part of the History Gypsies and the Reprieve Foundation along with Ed Menter, and previously Gene Haag (RIP). Tommy Williams, Norm Sprunck, and others contribute also. 


Jim M. 

Jim’s clean date is May 29, 1979. Shortly thereafter he attended the 9th World Convention in Atlanta. In 1980 he attended the World Service Conference in Van Nuys CA. In Memphis in 1981 he became a member of the Literature Committee putting together the Basic Text. Also in 1981 he was the Ohio Representative to the WSC. In 1982 Jim was elected to co-chair of the NAWay magazine subcommittee and continued to develop the NAWay after other co-chairs dropped away. Editor’s note: The short biographical sketch Jim provided does not really include all of his activities nor suggest his love for NA and its spiritual principles. You will have to talk with Jim for further details.


Jeff R.


Jeff’s clean date is 2/22/1989.  He has been Secretary & Treasurer at several meetings, and Area Phoneline Coordinator, H&I Chair, PI Chair and Vice Chair, phoneline volunteer, Area PR Rep, and PR Team Leader in Marin, Sonoma, and Contra Costa.

At the Regional level, Jeff has been Phoneline Coordinator, H&I/PI Liaison to NCCNA, PI Vice Chair, NCRSO BOD Secretary and Sales Director, WSLD Program Task Group Leader, and Web Page Work Group Leader.  Currently Jeff is the NCRSC PR Chair.

At the World level, Jeff assisted in input and review for the new PR handbook, and was in the PR Focus Group at NAWS.

Jeff has been heavily involved in Western Service Learning Days (WSLD).  He has done PR presentations in over 50 different events in the US and in 4 other countries.

Jeff owns his own business and is skilled in technology and telecommunications untilizing those skills in various NA functions.



Roland W.


Roland’s clean date is June 10, 1986.

Roland F. Williams, MA, is a Licensed Advanced Addiction Counselor (LAADC), Internationally Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor (ICAADC), Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor Level Two (NCAC II), Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Level II (CADCII), Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS), Nationally Certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), works world-wide as a counselor, interventionist, lecturer, trainer, teacher, author and consultant specializing in addiction related issues.

He has worked in substance abuse treatment since 1986 and was Director of Behavioral Health Services at Good Samaritan Hospital San Jose, California for 15 years.

Mr. Williams is the coordinator of Chemical Dependency Studies at California State University, East Bay, and has taught at the University of California, the University of Texas, California State University, the University of Utah, San Jose State University, and JFK University. He has written several articles and three books on a culturally specific relapse prevention model for African Americans and other under-served populations.


Shelly M.

I was introduced to NA through Chrysalis recovery house in Redwood City in 1974.  Beth Bottomley was the Executive Director.  I first heard about recovery from Lynne Marquez, who had been at the Morgan Hill Chrysalis.  Tommy H. from Paradise and Johnny W. (RIP), told me about an NA meeting in Los Gatos and they explained very thoroughly that it was where you go if you have a case.  Well, since I was far superior to them, and had never been formally arrested, I knew I would probably never have to be bothered with that.  A year later, I was checking in.  My friend was going to Pathway in San Jose and I had nowhere else to go.  My last one was September 12 1975.

I started the Monday night Women's meeting in San Jose in 1977.  I represented H&I and was GSR meetings in San Jose; Secretary of the Northern Calif NA H&I from 79-81; participated in Northern California and Southern California conventions; and contributed to the Basic Text in it's first writing.

I am especially grateful for the Magdaleno family, George, Hank, Ron, Sylvia (all now deceased, RIP), and Richard (alive and well); MaryJane Christina(RIP), Mary Hedberg(RIP) and Pat Martin (my first sponsor).


Steve B.

I was introduced to NA in '63 by Dr. Quit who became one of our non-addict trustee's.  I didn't get clean until May 11, '66.  My sponsor, Hank M., got me into service right from the gate, picking up the mail for our business meeting, going on 12 step calls, speaking at CRC, and secretary.  In late' 67 I moved to Sonoma Co. in northern Ca.  With the help of three AA members we started the first NA meeting. in Sonoma Co.  For the first few years it was slow to no growth.  In '71' a recovery house started in town and new members started to hang on and we started to grow.  Northern California started an intergroup for service that later became our region.  Our conferences were first held in living rooms, then at conventions, then at a school classroom, and finally at large hotels.  I was privileged to be involved in most of that growth in many capacities including Regional Chair and Representative, and Conference Chair in '82'.  I was chair of the WSO BOD and the Convention Corporation, served on the Board of Trustees. and on different literature projects.  That service lasted thru '94'.  More recently I've been involved with our Sonoma County Unity Day committee and continue to sponsor and work with others.